Remarriage in Modern Times Mark Glaab

The answer book for tough questions about divorce and remarriage

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Having spoken with Pastors from different denominations about the issues around divorce and remarriage, it became clear that some churches struggled for answers and others took positions I could not endorse but I did not know why.

This book is the result of personal research into the large questions that either plague or divide the church.

The research is fairly comprehensive. It needed to be to correct the teachings held by some. Many lessons are derived from the Old Testament and it cannot be overlooked.

The teaching of Jesus on divorce and remarriage are pivotal but so is the understanding of Law and Grace. As always, the focus on one or two verses fail us whereas application of the full counsel of God informs us.

Truth must come from the cohesive whole of scriptural revelation, not a disjointed picture from a small sampling of texts.

I worked hard to draw from the Old Testament first to hear what it is saying and also to hear what is not being said.

In the New Testament, much can be drawn from Paul in addition to Jesus. It is there we discover that the commands of Christ do not apply equally to Christians and unbelievers alike. This unlocks some answers immediately.

From there, we are also able to unlock other tough questions such as when a spouse becomes apostate, abandoning the family, committing serious crimes or falling into the occult. There are answers for the spouse and there is direction for the church when the situations become extreme.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I have a few. If this triggers other questions I did not address, at least we have a starting point to work from.

Comments on the book are welcome. If you have things to add, please email me and get me more informed.

I’m also open to hearing about pre-marriage counselling or teaching resources that better prepare marriage candidates.

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In the end, we all want to see better marriages that glorify God, We also want the application of mercy toward those facing enormous difficulty through no fault of their own.   - Mark Glaab